Scientific & Industrial Research on Advanced Materials

Polymer Interfaces

Solid/liquid and solid/gas interface property and interaction studies

Surface coating and micro- and nano-patterning of
polysaccharides/derivatives and synthetic polymers (spin coating, inkjet
printing, dip coating, adsorption, lithography)

Interaction studies and immobilization of functional (bio)molecules (DNA/proteins, polysaccharides) and cells on surfaces

Improvement of production processes of polymer and polysaccharide based materials


Synthesis of functional nano- and microparticles (polysaccharide; lignin, magnetic iron oxide, Ag, alkaline, other metals)

Coating of substrates with functional particles (antimicrobial, conductive, catalytic, protective, drug release)


Structure, morphology, surface property correlation studies

Determination of charge, mechanical and optical properties

Determining fibre dye/adsorbate interaction

Surface modification and composites for advanced applications

Development of polymer nanofibers by electrospinning